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all your address are belong to us
Mon, Jan. 25th (2010) - applying for membership
Before applying for membership, please read the rules.

Once you've read the rules, and you still want to join, you need to fill out a little questionnaire.

It's an easier way for us mods to learn about who you are.

Where are you from?
How did you find about us? Please be specific.
Do you plan on lurking?
Is Twilight fanfiction srs bsns to you?

Once you're finished with that, then hit that button that says "Join this community" We can't approve/deny if you haven't done that.

Please note that you will not be accepted if you have not filled out this questionnaire.

Any questions/concerns  must be posted to the Page-A-Mod post.

This post is for the questionnaire only.

Gazebo Mod: Regina
Wed, Jan. 6th (2010) - Page a Mod.
the_gazebo Page A Mod

Page a mod if:

* You have any questions/suggestions/concerns to the mods.
* You want to promote something.
* You are worried/suspicious about something going on in the community. (Remember to link us!)
* You are not sure if something you're about to post to the_gazebo is okay.
* We rejected you and you think it was our mistake.
* Someone was mean to you. Online. OH THE HORROR.
* You are butthurt and want to entertain us with how violated you feel. Or your attempts at white-knighting for someone and something were unsuccessful. Please share, we love those stories!

All comments in this entry are screened, but if you have something you don't want all mods to see, PM one of us.

Your mods are:

NEW MEMBERS: Fill in the questionnaire at torsstupidmouth's post and after that join the community!
If you haven't filled in the questionnaire, you won't be accepted to the_gazebo as a member. And even then we might deny you, if you are not active or look suspicious.
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